Sons of Rest Shelter



$120 per day. Time restrictions can apply.




Includes a large BBQ grill, fire ring, and is wheelchair accessible.

Sons of Rest Shelter is adjacent with the Stupp Center that hosts programming, private parties and weddings.  The Stupp Center has priority over rentals, therefore Sons of Rest can only be booked 6 weeks prior to event.



More about the Sons of Rest Pavilion

The Sons of Rest Pavilion is the Park's largest, and one of several pavilions designed by Eugene L. Greenleaf. The name now attached to the bold gold, brown, cream, red, and blue "summer house" arose from the popularity of the shelter and its surroundings among St. Louis's seniors as a shady spot for reading and relaxing, a tradition that continues here and in the air-conditioned Stupp Center nearby.

The restoration of the Sons of Rest pavilion, completed in 1997, earned it an award from the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc. A long-term goal of Friends of Tower Grove Park had been to recreate the decorative iron work in the shelter's design. To enhance the taxpayer-financed structural work, the Friends of Tower Grove Park embarked on a private fundraising campaign. With help from two annual appeals and support from the Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation, the Friends were able to raise an additional $20,000 to fabricate replicas of the long-missing ironwork.