Cypress South Shelter


The Cypress South Shelter costs $30 per day to reserve and capacity of the site is 25 visitors. The site does include a small barbecue grill.



about the Cypress South Pavilion

The identical "Cypress" Pavilions take their names not from any material used in their construction, but from the grove of cypress trees that fills the nearby circle in the central drive. They were built in 1870-71 as well houses and gazebos or summerhouses for the accommodation of basket parties.

The design submitted by Eugene Greenleaf for the identical Cypress Pavilions was unusual for Tower Grove Park structures. The pair of small T-shaped open temples with plain tympana are lovely examples of the Classical Revival style. The only embellishments are the red-white-yellow-and-blue color scheme known to have been popular in the Greek originals and the cast iron roof ornament in a fleur-de-lis pattern provided by the T.R. Pullis and Brother Company, a well-known St. Louis producer of iron-work.


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