Humboldt South Pavilion



$70 per day.




Includes a small BBQ grill.



More about the Humboldt South Pavilion

Like the Humboldt North Pavilion, the Humboldt South Pavilion takes its nickname from the famous statue near which it stands. Built in 1871, the year before the park opened, it is one of four shelters designed by Eugene Greenleaf for construction in pairs on either side of the main east-west carriage drive through Tower Grove Park. Each of the four pavilions held a well and was from the beginning intended to serve as a pleasant picnic spot. The shelters remain popular picnic spots. Like its northern partner, the Humboldt South Pavilion is octagonal; in contrast to its partner's lattice, the Humboldt South Pavilion's cupola is louvered; and its color scheme is gold, olive, and pale yellow.