Learning & Educational Opportunities

Spark curiosity | Help the imagination sprout | Discover the wonder of the great outdoors at tower grove park

How do pollinators help diversify the plants? Why should you recycle and compost? How do you grow kale, tomatoes, carrots, and radishes in your own backyard? Tower Grove Park knows the answers! We want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for plants and the environment with our community. At Tower Grove Park, children can discover wonder and curiosity of the great outdoors— from observing forest critters and aquatic life, to learning easy ways to recycle, to growing their own organic vegetables.

With your support, children and adults can learn the crucial importance of conservation and science education in engaging and meaningful ways. Tower Grove Park is more than a place of recreation and tranquility, it’s an important resource for our expanding community, offering educational outreach programs. We will:

  • hire a part-time Volunteer and Education Coordinator

  • partner with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Botanical Garden to host exciting and affordable educational programs

  • offer engaging and impactful field trips year-round to school groups

  • host adult education classes and workshops for our diverse community

There is something for everyone— whether you’re a parent wanting a fun, nature-based project to engage your child, a teacher planning an outdoor exploration field trip, or an adult curious about birding or gardening. You can help! We need funding and support if we want to increase our outreach efforts and gain more resources for lessons, classes, and workshops. Our ambitious goals to expand require the assistance of Park supporters and donors.

Thank you for your support as we grow our science education program.