Tribute Gifts


Your gift can support the planting of one or more trees, fund the care of our existing trees, or purchase a historic bench. All supporters are recognized in our Commemorative Tree Registry.

Tribute Tree | Planting or adopting a commemorative tree begins at $500. Your gift will be recorded in the Park’s permanent tree database and digital map.

Tree Type: You choose between shade, flowering or evergreen.

Tree Location: Preferences for planting location will be taken into consideration.  Tribute trees cannot be planted at Central Cross (between the Tennis Center to the Music Stand). When picking a tree location, please choose closer to the West or East ends of the Park. Click here for a general map of the Park.

Planting Seasons: Trees are planted twice a year in the spring (April) and fall (November) seasons. Your tribute tree will be planted during whichever season comes next.

Tribute Bench | A memorial bench with permanent plaque begins at $5,000.  You can view available benches on our GIS map. When you purchase a bench, staff will contact you to determine which bench and plaque wording.

Make your tribute gift today, or call (314) 771-4424 for more information.