Tribute Gifts

Your gift can support the planting of one or more trees, fund the care of our existing trees, or purchase a historic bench. All supporters are recognized in our Commemorative Tree Registry.

Tribute Tree | Planting or adopting a commemorative tree begins at $500. Your gift will be recorded in the Park’s permanent tree database and digital map. For a tribute tree, you have the option to choose either the tree type or the tree location.

Tree Type: You choose from a list of shade, flowering or evergreen.
The tree types vary from season to season, and the list will available a month before the planting season.


Tree Location: Preferences for planting location will be taken into consideration. Tribute trees cannot be planted at Central Cross (between the Tennis Center to the Music Stand). When picking a tree location, please choose at the West or East sides of the Park. Click here for a general map of the Park.

Planting Seasons: Trees are planted twice a year in the spring (April) and fall (November). Your tribute tree will be planted during whichever season comes next.

Due to safety and scheduling reasons, we cannot allow donors to be present during the planting of the tree. Once it’s planted, you will be notified and receive a certificate.

Tribute Bench | A memorial bench with permanent plaque begins at $5,000.  You can view available benches on our GIS map. When you adopt a bench, staff will contact you to determine which bench and plaque wording.

Make your tribute gift online, or call (314) 771-4424 or email us for more information.