Summer Gardening Survival Guide

Being outdoors in the smoldering heat can be almost unbearable. Even the most experienced gardeners prefer to avoid the blazing sun and scorching temperatures. Our Horticulture Supervisor, Steve Hogenmiller, has a few tips to beat the heat and maintain your garden during the summer.

  1. Avoid the sun
    Plan to garden in the mornings and evenings when it’s coolest. While the heat and humidity will be there, the sun will not.

  2. Stay hydrated
    Spending all day watering your plants? You need water, too! Avoiding dehydration will prevent headaches, cramps, dizziness, and more serious health issues, like heat stroke.

  3. Wear light clothing and sunscreen
    Steve’s clothing of choice? Long-sleeved cotton shirts and a wide brim hat.

  4. Take snack breaks
    The heat and sun will quickly tire you out. Maintain your energy levels to avoid exhaustion and fatigue with high protein foods.

  5. Schedule your time wisely
    “No need to do something in four moves, when it could have been three,” said Hogenmiller. Savvy gardeners maximize efficiency by planning. Look for ways to complete joint tasks to simplify your schedule.

Stay cool and happy gardening!

Michelle Lawrence