New Addresses for Tower Grove Park

We’ve moved—well, not quite. But we have new addresses! As part of making Tower Grove Park more accessible and easier to navigate, the United States Postal Service and City of St. Louis now recognize the roads in the Park as business roads.

“Previously our roads weren’t even in the City’s database due to our long history as an independently managed park,” commented Will Rein, Director of Operations and Special Projects. “We’re working to update Google Maps with pavilion names and addresses so our visitors can more easily find their destination in the Park.”

As of July, Tower Grove Ave. officially continues through the Park to meet Arsenal St. The open roads in the Park are now Main, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast Drives. 

Before this change, all our buildings had one address, which made finding the right pavilion potentially frustrating. With individual addresses, we can also ensure the safety of visitors through clear communication with emergency vehicles that need to navigate the Park.

Now all our pavilions and buildings have their own address, viewable on Google Maps and any navigation site you use. Planning an engagement photo shoot at the Chinese Pavilion? No problem! Let your photographer know to meet you at 3834 Main Drive.

Learn our new roads and addresses by checking out our interactive or print maps. Happy exploring!

Michelle Lawrence