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Where is the stupp Center/Piper palm House/Music STand?

You can find all venues, buildings, and historic sites on our interactive map here.

Is tower grove park a private park? a city park? How is it organized?

Tower Grove Park is the only city park in the City of St. Louis to be managed by an independent board and staff. It is not a private park; the City of St. Louis owns the park land and structures. However, per Henry Shaw’s estate, Park operations are overseen by a Board of Commissioners and managed by an independent staff.

Tower Grove Park is a city park, but it does not receive maintenance services from the City of St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry.

How is tower grove park funded?

The Park requires more than $1 million annually in donations, grants, and other private support in order to operate and keep the Park looking beautiful. Donations to the Park are tax-deductible, and you can learn more here.

Tower Grove Park typically receives around 50% of its annual budget from the City of St. Louis. About 15% of the Park’s revenue comes from rentals and other earned income.

A common misconception is that Henry Shaw provided for Tower Grove Park’s financial needs in perpetuity through his estate. But he did leave a wonderful gift for the city of St. Louis that you can help preserve for future generations with your own support.

what is tower grove park's relationship to the Missouri botanical garden?

Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden were both founded by 19th century philanthropist Henry Shaw, and per his estate, the President of the Garden serves as a Commissioner of Tower Grove Park throughout his tenure. The two organizations frequently collaborate, but there is no other formal relationship.

how big is tower grove park?

The Park is 289 acres, and is the second-largest in the city of St. Louis (Forest Park is 1,300 acres). It is 1.45 miles long and 0.3 miles wide. The outer running path is approximately a 3-mile loop.

what are the rules and regulations at tower grove parK?

We work hard to keep our park clean, safe, and fun for everyone to use. In order to achieve this goal, we ask our park visitors to respect the guidelines for Park use. This includes but is not limited to: keeping dogs on leashes; consuming alcohol only on approved sites; reserving pavilions as needed; not feeding or releasing wildlife; using only approved BBQ sites for cooking events; not fishing or picking flowers; disposing of trash and cigarette butts in a proper receptacle; and not climbing on the Ruins or damaging our beautiful trees and landscapes. 

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