Introducing Tree Walks

We’ve expanded our interactive map to include digital tree walks! Take a self-guided tour through our arboretum and let our tree walk guide teach you about our most interesting tree specimens. From the Osage orange to the Austrian pine, you’ll learn about the history and arboriculture of Tower Grove Park.

As an accredited arboretum, Tower Grove Park has over 7,000 trees and 300 tree taxa. The guided tour takes visitors on an immersive and educational exploration of our forest.

Here’s how to use the new tree walks:

  • Visit our online, GPS-enabled interactive map at

  • Click Start Exploring

  • On the menu, click Tree Walk

  • There are ten stops that will appear on the map with a description of each tree

Explore our diverse collection of trees, learn about tree identification, and discover the history of each species, many dating back to the time of Henry Shaw. Whether on a solo expedition, or a leisurely stroll with family, you can learn about the beauty and importance of our urban forest.

Tree Walks.jpg
Michelle Lawrence