Celebrate the Trees for Arbor Day

In honor of Arbor Day, support Tower Grove Park’s conservation efforts by making a gift, becoming a member, or visiting the Park to explore our trees and woodlands. You can make a difference for the trees and the community.

Learn facts about our forest and its invaluable impact on St. Louis:

  • Tower Grove Park is a Level II Accredited Arboretum, one of only 74 in the world

  • There are 7,000+ trees in Tower Grove Park, consisting of 300+ tree types

  • There are two State Champion trees, a swamp privet (Forestiera accuminata) and bigtooth aspen (Populus tremuloides)

  • The estimated value of Tower Grove Park’s tree population is $10.2 million

  • The trees and bird garden provide habitat for 200+ resident and migrating bird species

  • Tower Grove Park’s forest cleans the air. Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases, especially in an urban environment, purifying the air and providing healthier, greener living for the neighborhoods

Plant Trees

Take your support further by planting trees in the Park. For $500, we will plant, dedicate, and sustain a tree for you or a loved one. As part of our mission to grow plant diversity, the trees we plant are specialty species that are unusual to see outside an arboretum. Learn more >

Protect Trees

We have a full-time staff of certified arborists who protect the trees with watering, mulching, and defending against diseases, like Dutch Elm Disease or invasive species, like the emerald ash borer beetle. Our team participates in science conservation initiatives, such as our partnership with the Atlanta Botanical Garden to prevent the extinction of Torreya taxifolia. Learn more >

Celebrate Trees

Visit Tower Grove Park and explore our many trees. Learn about our state champions, or visitor favorites like our gnarly catalpa or grafted dogwood, on our interactive map. We have a highly curated collection of trees that are all digitally documented a towergroveparkmap.org.

As one of only two level II arboretums in St. Louis, Tower Grove Park will continue to collect, study, protect and display trees for Park visitors in St. Louis and around the world. Happy Arbor Day!

Michelle Lawrence