Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park is a public park governed and maintained by an independent Board of Commissioners, and supported by the City of St. Louis, grants, private donations, and the Friends of Tower Grove Park. 


 Kari Frey Photography

Kari Frey Photography



Getting Here

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The Park can be reached by the #80 bus, the #30 bus, and the #8 bus. Please visit the Metro website for more information.

Hours and Holidays

The Park is open from sunrise until sunset each day.

Please check the appropriate pages for other attractions hours of operation.

Park Office

The Park Office is located behind the Piper Palm House. The office is open from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

The office is closed on federal holidays, the day after Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

You may contact the Park Office at (314) 771-2679.



Park Map

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Tower Grove Park is a city park maintained completely by its own independent staff

In fact, support from the City of St. Louis only comprises a portion of the Park’s budget—nearly $1 million additional dollars must be raised each year from private donations, grants, and rental fees in order to sustain Park operations. More than 2.5 million visitors each year enjoy the Park a place to experience nature, maintain health and wellness, and participate in free public festivals and events—all at one of the only parks in the country that is a National Historic Landmark.

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A Lasting Gift from Henry Shaw

Founded in 1868 and opened to the public in 1872, Tower Grove Park was created when Henry Shaw conveyed his lands to the City of St. Louis, by deed of gift. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners appointed under the authority of the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri. 

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