Friends of Tower Grove Park

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The Friends of Tower Grove Park support the Park year-round through membership, volunteering, and special events. Friends of the Park enjoy the biannual newsletter, email updates, invitations to exclusive Friends events, a special annual gift, and more! To make your payment monthly recurring, please call the Friends Office at (314) 771-4424 or email

Many companies will match their employees’ contributions. Your membership impact and benefits can be increased with a matching gift. The Friends of Tower Grove Park is a 501(c)(3) charity, and your membership gift is tax-deductible. 

How to Join, Renew or Gift a Membership

To join, select your preferred level and click "Join Now."

To renew, simply select your same level, or consider upgrading a level, and click "Join Now."

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join the Young Friends

Young Friends of Tower Grove Park is for individuals aged 40 and younger who want to volunteer, meet other Park supporters, and help plan special events. When you join at the Young Friend level, you'll receive special invitations to activities and meetings.

the friends of tower grove park board members

  • Laurence McCarthy, President
  • Debbie Monterrey, 1st Vice President
  • Louis Gerteis, 2nd Vice President
  • Dr. William Gilbert II, Treasurer
  • Peggy Oates, Secretary
  • Patricia Midden, Assistant Secretary
  • Mike Konzen
  • Kevin McKinney
  • Nina Murphy
  • Peggy Oates
  • Erika Ottolini
  • Dorothy Soldavini
  • Elizabeth Brinkmann
  • Kristin Byrne
  • Erika Ebsworth-Goold
  • Caroline Ernst
  • Julie Gianino
  • Catherine Gilbert
  • Ella Gross
  • Thom Gross


  • Lee Berger
  • Donald Bergmann
  • Delores Blehm
  • Shelley Donaho
  • Francis Fanara
  • William Schawacker