Natural Treasures


Trees of Tower Grove Park

The Park has over 6,800 trees and 325 varieties growing within its 289 acres. The rich tree diversity found here is greater than any other urban park in the country, including a white mulberry planted by Henry Shaw, a 55” catalpa with unique form, and several other species that are rare in the area.

Tower Grove Park’s urban forest is valued at $10,194,424 and provides over $390,000 in tangible and environmental benefits annually. Protecting and caring for this urban forest takes significant and recurring resources and you can help!


Flowers of Tower Grove Park

The park has 56 display beds and 20 urns that are all planted with seasonal flower displays. From the large entrance beds that act as Tower Grove’s welcoming front door to the single urns tucked away in hidden spots throughout the park, our flower displays are an integral part of the park’s landscape.

Park staff propagate and grow over 20,000 individual plants each year in our 2,400 sq/ft greenhouse to fill these beds with color. If you would like to help grow or maintain our flower displays, please visit our volunteer opportunity page.


Fountain Pond & Ruins

The Fountain Pond and Ruins are the premier landscape in Tower Grove Park. The fountain stone and rockery, an artistic arrangement of stone blocks, are the main focus of this landscape and were selected from the remains of the old Lindell Hotel and brought to the Park for arrangement. The area also contains a number of our annual flower displays and is enjoyed by many visitors. 

Waterlily Ponds

In the same area of the Fountain Pond & Ruins is our waterlily pond complex. Park staff propagate a number of varieties including the giant waterlilies that are pictured in historical photos with people standing on them. Other tropical varieties of flowering waterlilies provide color to the ponds during the summer months. 


Wildlife of Tower Grove Park

We are very lucky to have an abundance of wildlife populating our beautiful park; and it is not just a seasonal occurrence. We have many fascinating animals on a year-round basis, including many species of birds.

Many of our wildlife species can be found in our natural areas like the Gaddy Wild Bird Garden and adjacent savannah complex that was installed in 2016. Additional viewing areas are also along both our East and West creeks where new riparian corridors are currently being established.  The Woodland Pool is another great area to enjoy wildlife in the heart of this urban park.

woodland pool 1

Woodland Pool

The woodland pool can be found on the east end of the park along main drive. This quiet, shaded pool of woodland species is a unique landscape in the City. It is frequented by numerous insects like dragonflies and other wildlife.