Carriage Rides

Horses and carriages have been part of Tower Grove since its inceptionthe oldest building in the Park is the Stone Stable. Much of the original labor force was horse and mule muscle, and a favorite mode of enjoying the park was by horseback or carriage.  


The Martha Simmons Surrey can accommodate 3 adult passengers

The Tim Hays Vis-à-Vis can accommodate 4 adult passengers.



Carriage Ride Pricing

General Carriage Ride

$50.00 / 30 minutes

$65.00 / 45 minutes

$80.00 / 60 minutes

$110.00 / 1.5 hours

$140.00 / 2 hours

Additional costs

$30.00 / Extended time (30 minutes)

$25.00 / Special Location Pickup


additional information

  • Full payment is due at time of reservation
  • The carriage cannot leave the park for any reason
  • Carriage decorations are permitted with driver’s supervision    
  • Rescheduling must be done one week before scheduled date.  A $20 fee is applied for less than one week’s notice.  Rescheduling is valid six months from the reserved date
  • Cancellation on DAY OF RIDE must be called in a minimum of (2) two hours prior to scheduled time.  Contact the Park Ranger at (314) 565-4613.  NO REFUND ELIGIBLE
  • Weather conditions deemed unsafe for the welfare of our horse may be called off by the driver.  Rides can be rescheduled up to six months from the original ride date
  • General Carriage Ride pick-up and drop-off is located at the Stone Stables
  • All Rides are booked in 30 minute increments, none exceeding 2 hours in length
  • Carriage Rides are available daily except, Tuesdays and Thursdays, available year-round, between the hours of 10:00 a.m-9:30 p.m.
  • All Rides must be booked at least one (1) week in advance of event date

Reserve Your Carriage Ride Today!


To arrange your personal carriage ride today, please call the Park Office at (314) 771-2679, email, or inquire using the form below.

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