Board Members


Tower Grove Park is owned by the City of St. Louis and governed by a special Board of Commissioners appointed by the Missouri Supreme Court. The current commissioners are:


Robert W. Sellers, President
Steve M. Kidwell, Vice President
Rose Newport, Treasurer
Rudy Nickens, Secretary
Bill Reininger, Executive Director                               Ted Atwood
Shelley Donaho

Robert F. Epperson, Jr. 
James L. Fogle
Robert J. Herleth
Robert S. Holmes
Mike Konzen
Michael R. Spotanski
Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson


emeritus commissioners

Dennis G. Coleman
Jane Gleason
John D. Haffenreffer
R. Crosby Kemper III
Susan R. Lammert
Thomas Purcell
Dr. Peter Raven
Anne C. Stupp
Cheryl D. S. Walker


the past superintendents / directors of tower grove park

During Henry Shaw's lifetime, he himself served as de facto superintendent of Tower Grove Park. Upon Shaw's death in 1889, James Gurney, the horticulturist he had brought to St. Louis from London, succeeded him, becoming the first official park superintendent. Gurney's son, James Gurney, Jr. assumed the position on his father's death in 1920. When James Gurney, Jr. died in 1943, his daughter Bernice E. Gurney returned to St. Louis to take on the position. On her retirement in 1976, Bernice Gurney was succeeded by Robert F. Denison. In 1987, John Karel became the fifth director of Tower Grove Park. John retired at the end of 2014.

The Friends of Tower Grove Park Board Members


Laurence McCarthy, President
Debbie Monterrey, 1st Vice President
Louis Gerteis, 2nd Vice President
William Gilbert II, PhD, Treasurer
Peggy Oates, Secretary
Patricia Midden, Assistant Secretary              Kristin Byrne
Erika Ebsworth-Goold
Caroline Ernst
Julie Gianino


Lee Berger
Donald Bergmann
Delores Blehm
Shelley Donaho
Francis Fanara
William Schawacker

Catherine Gilbert
Ella Gross
Thom Gross
Lee Kling
Mike Konzen
Kevin McKinney
Nina Murphy
Erika Ottolini
Dorothy Soldavini